GI Tumor Conference; Hepatobiliary and Transplant Surgeon, Minimally InvasiveApproach Research interests: Use of 3-dimensional CT scans in pre-operative planning for liver surgery; minimally invasive approaches to liver, bile duct and pancreas surgery; cancer in the immunosuppressed patient; immunosuppression regimens in transplantation; obesity in the renal failure population, and vascular biology 1120 15th Street BB 4514 Augusta, GA 30912Consultation: (706) 721-4726 Appointments: (706) 721-8201 E-mail:

Merchen, Todd, M.D.

Todd Merchen, MD, surgical oncologist

Merchen, Todd, M.D.
Associate Member, Clinical Oncology Program
Associate Professor, Transplant Surgery
GRU Cancer Center


1120 15th Street
BB 4514
Augusta, GA 30912
Consultation: (706) 721-4726
Appointments: (706) 721-8201