1120 15th Street BAE 2571C Augusta, GA 30912 Office: (706) 721-2771 E-mail: susharma@georgiahealth.edu

Sharma, Suash, M.D.

Sharma, Suash, M.D.
Member, Molecular Oncology and Biomarkers
Professor of Pathology

GRU Cancer Center


1120 15th Street, BAE 2571C
Augusta, GA 30912
Office: (706) 721-2771
E-mail: susharma@gru.edu

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Professional Overview

Dr. Sharma earned his M.B,B.S. from Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh (1987), followed by M.D. from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi (1992) where he performed his thesis on gliomas. He received his residency training at the NYU Medical Center in New York (1999). Dr. Sharma is board-certified in Anatomic Pathology and Neuropathology, and in his primary role serves as a diagnostic surgical pathologist and neuropathologist. In the latter capacity, he provides pathologic diagnosis on CNS neoplasia and their mimics, including vascular and demyelinating disorders, epilepsy resections, and neuromuscular disorders, as well as autopsy diagnosis of conditions such as stroke and neurodegeneration.

Dr. Sharma’s primary research interest is in pathology and biology of CNS neoplasia particularly gliomas and conditions underlying epilepsy. He has collaborated with well-known physician-scientists, neuroscientists and geneticists. His efforts have included clinicopathologic characterization, and evaluating molecular prognostic/predictive markers aiming to improve the outcome of CNS disorders utilizing immunohistochemistry, image analysis, FISH and comparative genome hybridization. He plans to further his research efforts in alignment with the current leadership priorities in Pathology (Dr. Rojiani), Neurooncology (Dr. Rixe) and Molecular Oncology (Dr. Cowell) at the GRU Cancer Center.

Publications (selected)

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