1120 15th Street CN 3151 Augusta, GA 30912 Office: (706) 721-4661 E-mail: achadli@georgiahealth.edu

Chadli, Ahmed, Ph.D.

Ahmed ChadliChadli, Ahmed, Ph.D.
Member, Molecular Oncology Program

Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Assistant Professor of Medicine – Cardiology
Associate Professor of Graduate Studies
GRU Cancer Center



1120 15th Street, CN 3151
Phone: (706) 721-4661
ACHADLI@ gru.edu

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Current Research

Research in Dr. Chadli’s laboratory focuses on understanding and targeting the Hsp90 chaperoning machine for cancer therapy. Molecular chaperones are key players in the maintenance of a healthy proteome and in homeostasis of the cell. Dysregulation in the function of molecular chaperones leads to many metabolic and oncological diseases. Current information suggests that targeting the Hsp90 machine may have a powerful and combinatorial impact on dysfunctional circuitries that underlie cancer. We are developing a novel high-throughput technology to identify impactful chemical compounds to inactivate the core components of the Hsp90 chaperoning machine. We are also dissecting the role of co-chaperones in the initiation and progression of breast and prostate cancers using in vitro and mouse conditional knockout models.